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2022 Shiner ISD Facilities Planning Committee Information

Shiner ISD has started short term and long term facilities planning for the district.  The primary reason for this planning is the fact that SISD currently has Zero available elementary classrooms and Zero available junior high classrooms to address growth in the district. Combine this with the fact that Shiner ISD is the 2nd fastest growing district in Region 3 behind Karnes City ISD, and the district needs become magnified. If anyone in the community would like to be a part of the planning process moving forward, please contact the SISD administration office at 361-594-3121.
First Meeting - Wednesday, February 16th from 5-6:30pm.
The committee discussed facilities within SISD that they were proud of, as well as areas of needed improvement. A tour of the campus and possible growth areas were discussed. Mr. Remschel shared demographic information provided by the Bob Templeton of Zonda Education. Mr. Remschel shared that SISD is currently out of elementary and junior high classrooms. There is a current need for additions to current buildings before our growth exceeds our current capacity. Another concern is the possible delayed time that construction could begin after a bond is passed to increase SISD classroom space. The meeting ended after a walkthrough of the current elementary building and growth area. Members present - Nicole Boedeker, Robert Werner, Whitney Sims, Amberly Moye, Michelle Werner, Greg Murrile, Randy Palmer, Brian McCraw, Alex Remschel.