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Personal Resources for Parents

The Center for Parenting Education - The link below will take you to The Center for Parenting Education. The most important topics facing families (Parents & Children) are discussed with numerous tips/suggestions.
Bullying - Shiner ISD has the "Campus Eye" reporting system for any type of reporting. The school district promotes Kindness to the students, but there are moments when different levels of bullying may occur.  Please contact your child's campus if you feel that he/she is being bullied. Other bullying resources are in the link below. Remember, the best place to discourage and teach against bullying is in the HOME.
The Trevor Project - Below is a link to The Trevor Project.  This site provides resources for parents and students in relation to the LGBTQ community.
Cyber Security and Digital Responsibility
The Recovery Village - Below is a link to The Recovery Village. This site provides support for parents who have a child dealing with drug/alcohol addiction.