COVID-19 and Shiner ISD

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Dear Shiner ISD Family,
On March 23, 2020, the Shiner ISD teaching staff began work preparing to provide the best remote instruction possible during the current COVID-19 situation.  We want to do our part in protecting the people of our community by staying at home as much as possible while providing student work each week. All school districts in the State of Texas are required by the Governor to remain closed through April 3rd. We will update the community with information as new guidance is provided.
Below is current information about our processes to provide food and instruction. Also make sure to note some frequently asked questions found to the right on this page.
1. Breakfast & Lunch - For students in need, Shiner ISD will provide daily breakfast and lunch food service. Parents need to request food service no later than 8am the day of service by emailing Mrs. Nevlud at  Service will begin Tuesday, March 24, 2020, and will run daily from 9am-10am.  Students will receive a breakfast and a lunch, and this service is available for all children up to 18 years of age. This is a to-go service, and therefore will not follow the posted March lunch menu.  The pick up location will be on the backside of the school building, out of the back door to the cafeteria.  Follow the main drive all the way down and then left around the back of the school.
2. Instruction - Shiner ISD will provide pickup and drop off services for school work beginning this Thursday, March 26th.  Parents/students can drive through under the silo from 7am-8:30am or from 5pm-6:30pm.  After Thursday, pickup and drop off will happen each Monday (or first day of the week) while we work through the closure. The deadline to turn in previous week's work is by 6:30pm the following Monday. If you would prefer, work can be emailed to parents or students grades 4-12.  Going paperless is the most efficient way, but we will have the ability to meet each families needs.  You can also find assigned school work at the bottom of this page.
3. Student Emails - a student Google/email account has been created for all 4th-12th grade students. This is a great tool to provide work and receive completed work from students.  This is also a great tool to provide the best communication possible to students and parents. The student email consists of each student's first name+last initial+graduation year  The password is the first for letters of your last name and the last four digits of your student ID.  Example for Alex Remschel (sample/not real): email address: & password:  rems4327.  Though it may not look like it, these are Google accounts, and can be accessed via Gmail in a web browser or the Gmail app on your device.  You can find more info on using Gmail here.  If you have any problems, please contact your teacher asap.
4. Technology Tips for Parents & Students: check out our help pages for Google Classroom and more Tech Tips
Keep an eye on the Shiner ISD News section for the latest updates during this time.
Follow the links below to find at home curriculum for each grade.  These pages will be updated soon, so check back frequently for the latest information.
Communicate with your teacher.  We have band instruments, art supplies, etc.... that students can use at home.
It is important for all students to devote appropriate time to complete assignments on a daily basis.  Parents creating a daily schedule for their SISD student is important to student success.
Remote learning is not the same for every student in Shiner ISD or across the state. The SISD staff understands these issues. It is vital for all students to stay on top of work sent home to make sure they do not fall behind. When it comes to high school courses and GPA, we may have to make a decision on a cutoff date for grades earlier than the disrupted 5th and 6th six weeks. The last completed six weeks was the 4th six weeks.  We will communicate with the TEA to make sure we are making all decisions in the best interest of students.
You student has been given a Shiner ISD email account to use for distance learning and other school purposes.  They can send and receive email from teachers and staff at Shiner ISD only at this time. 
Currently, the end of the closure is set for April 3, 2020. We are preparing to be ready in case the State of Texas extends school closures.
Under the current closure, yes.  It ends on April the 3rd.  If the state extends the closure, we will have to make decisions at that time.  We are at the mercy of decisions made by the commissioner of education. We will be prepared for either situation.
Currently, all UIL events are cancelled until May. We will keep everyone posted.  It is important for students to stay sharp and ready for a return to any type of competition.