Technology Tips for Parents and Students

You will need your Shiner ISD username and password to log in to your Google Classroom and other Google services. 
Remember, your Shiner ISD email address/Google login is:
your first name + the first letter of your last name + your 2 digit graduation year
your password is the first four letters of your last name + your 4 digit cafeteria code
      • for example, bile1234
Start with the Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students below, and explore the other links if you find yourself needing some extra help.  
Below, you'll find various help topics, broken up by device, software, or topic.  Check back often for new support, tips and tricks.  And if you're having trouble finding help, remember that Google is your friend!
Don't forget to check out the "Getting Started with Google Classroom" page for more info.
Google Classroom
Working with PDF files
Sign PDFs with DocHub, PDF Buddy, or PDFescape (all of these web sites will require creating an account to use :( )
Using Your Chromebooks Apps without WiFi - (you only need to watch the first 2:12 of this video to learn this skill)  In Offline Mode, you can use your Chromebook at home without Internet, then connect to the WiFi later and submit your assignments in Google Classroom.