Parent/Student Important Information

The following information is to help with the transition back to school.  There are a few updates to make note of so your Shiner ISD student can have a successful start to the academic year.
1.  Cell phones are prohibited from any use during the school day.  This is from when students arrive until 3:25pm. Cell Phones have continued to be a distraction to the learning environment, so we have decided to not allow use at any time other than specific academic times allowed by the principal.  Cell Phones must be in backpacks, bags, purses, etc...  at all times.  They may not be stored in clothing pockets.
2. Only clear water bottles are allowed with water.  Outside Coffees, sodas, athletic drinks, etc.... will not be allowed into the building. 
3.  For safety reasons, students will not be allowed in parking lots or in other unsecured areas of the school without school personnel present.  This is in the morning and during lunch times. All students must use the building or the back fenced area for movement between buildings.
4. DRESS CODE - The dress code has not changed.  SHORTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS MUST BE "BEYOND" FINGER TIP LENGTH WITH ARMS AT THE SIDE.  SHORTS MAY NOT BE "ROLLED" AT THE WASTBAND. SKIRTS MUST BE AT THE KNEE.  Students will be given the opportunity to remedy dress code violations while on campus.  If a student cannot remedy the situation, they will be placed in ISS for the day.  It is the parents' and students' responsibility to meet dress code requirements prior to leaving the house.  The campus principals have final say on all dress code issues.
5.  Safety Update - ALL Visitors will have to sign in to access the building during school hours.  When the district has mass events such as pep rallies, grandparents day, etc...., visitors will be required to sign in to access those events.  It is important for parents/family members to arrive early to sign in for an event.
6.  Shiner ISD is partnering with a new security alert program called Anonymous Alerts.  The link will be set up soon.  Previously we used CampusEye for anonymous reporting for bullying, abuse, concerns, etc....
7. Shiner ISD will follow the 5 day requirement for positive COVID cases during the school year. Students may return after 5 days with decreased or no symptoms.