Parent Information for March 23rd-April 3rd

  1. Shiner ISD Staff will be preparing instructional materials for students starting March 23rd. The current plan is to have all instructional material (online and/or via pickup) available starting Thursday, March 26th.  Shiner ISD will have packet/informational pick up Thursday from 7-8:30am and from 5-6:30pm. Starting Monday, March 30th, parents/students will turn in previous week's work and pick up new weekly work at the same times as above (7-8:30am & 5-6:30pm). Parents/Students can access printable packets online under the "About Us" drop down menu.  These will be posted prior to the pick up date. It is VITAL that students stay on top of work that is sent home.  Time will need to be set aside daily to complete all school work. Organization of time is important. We understand that some homes do not have the same access to technology and resources.  We will take this into account to make sure everyone receives the same materials.
  2. Meal Service - Shiner ISD will offer breakfast and lunch via drive through pick up daily from 9-10am starting Tuesday, March 24, 2020. This is open for all children up to 18 years of age. The pick up location will be on the backside of the school building out of the back door to the cafeteria.  There will be a table set up.  Please email Shiner ISD food service director, Glenda Nevlud, at or by phone at (361)594-3131 extension 459.  If you want to receive food, you must notify Mrs. Nevlud not later than 8am on the day of service to receive food. Contacting Mrs. Nevlud the previous day is ideal.
  3. All of this is new territory for our staff, but we are handling this with amazing optimism.  Please be patient as we add new systems to support you and your children.  Shiner ISD children are our #1 priority.  Communication is key!!! You cannot email enough. The only way this is successful with with all of us working together.
Please check "News and Announcements" and the Packet link under "About Us" often for any updates/information.  Thank you for your support!