Governor Abbott waives STAAR testing for 2019-2020

Dear Shiner ISD parents and students,
This morning, Governor Greg Abbott filed a waiver with the federal government to waive our state testing requirement for the 2019-2020 school year.  This comes at a time where the CDC recommends that communities with active COVID-19 spread close their doors for up to 8 weeks.  Currently, the Shiner ISD community has no positive tests, but there has been a positive test in the county.  The person with the positive test was at Shiner businesses prior to the positive test. Please proceed with caution by following a few good practices.
1.  Wash hands thoroughly and often.
2. Use hand sanitizer when you are outside of the home in public areas
3.  Avoid large gatherings of people.
4. Self Quarantine when possible.
5. Don't go out to the movies, bowling alleys, malls, etc..., where large numbers of people gather. If you do, use extreme caution.
This virus is not a joking manner.  We have many parents, grandparents, and elder members of our community who support their families and our schools.  Decisions that are made moving forward will most definitely include the entire Shiner community.