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2018-2019 Scholarship Information

Important Information about the Free Application for Student Aid
Students that plan to continue their education after graduation are required to fill out the FASFA (Free Application for Student Aid) in order to qualify for grants, loans, and many scholarships (including the Wolter's Scholarship). It is the responsibility of students & parents to complete the FASFA and submit it by the due date specified. And remember to fill out the form for the correct year! (for example, this year's seniors will want to fill out the 2019-2020 FAFSA). THE APP OPENS OCTOBER 1.
Start filling out your FAFSA application
Check out a video on the FAFSA process (very informative!!)
The FAFSA on the Web Worksheet will help make filling out the FAFSA even easier! Click here!
Important Information about Scholarships
Every senior will receive a packet in December that contains scholarship applications and other important information . Students are required to sign upon receipt of this packet. It is the responsibility of the student to complete and mail or otherwise submit any and all scholarship applications.
SENIORS: In order to receive your money, you will need to email, drop off, or fax a copy of your college class schedule and tuition statement to Mrs. Steffek. Once we see proof that you are enrolled in college, Mrs. Steffek will request a check for your money to be mailed to you.
**Acceptance of scholarships may affect your eligibility for other financial aid**

Submit your applications to the counselor by the dates specified!
Please see the counselor to verify scholarship due dates!

Local Scholarships
These scholarships are due to Mrs. Steffek by MARCH 20, 2019(unless otherwise noted)
Wolter's Scholarship
February 15
-Graduating senior representing academic excellence, extracurricular & community involvement & need
- must reside in Lavaca County
- must attend an accredited college, university, or trade school in Texas in 2019-2020

Spoetzl Brewery UT Scholarship

February 15

- Must attend the University of Texas in Austin

- Available through the Texas Exes website

Career and Technology Association of Texas (CTAT): Mahindra Texas Pride Scholarship

- www.ctat.org

- for students actively enrolled in CTE throughout their HS career

Catholic Daughters of the Americas
January 31 
Court St. Paul 
April 15
- Senior enrolled and attending the CCD program during their entire Jr. & Sr. year  
- JCDA members during entire Jr. & Sr. year OR  children or grandchildren of living court St. Paul #1604 CDA members
"Eagle Scout" Scholarship
March 20
- Graduating seniors who have completed their "Eagle Scout" award through the local chapter 
- Essay, transcript, and resume required
Down Syndrome Foundation of South Texas

- special consideration given to family members of individuals with special needs and individuals that plan on a career in medicine, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, teaching, special education, etc. as well as those who volunteer their time for the benefit of the special needs community

-transcript and resume required

DSD Services Scholarship
March 20
- Resume and transcript required
Judy Schreiber Memorial Scholarship
March 20

- pursuing a career in nursing

- short essay

- Resume and transcript required

First National Bank Scholarship
March 20

- Account holder at bank

- Resume and transcript required

Gaslight Theatre Scholarship
March 20
 - 3.0 GPA

- volunteered at least 100 hours at the Gaslight Theatre in the last five years  
- Essay, transcript, and resume required

GVEC Scholarship
February 2019
- GVEC customer & plans to attend state accredited college 
- More info  
- Complete application ONLINE and attach an official transcript
H & C Construction Scholarship
March 20
- Transcript and resume required
Hochheim Prairie Insurance 
- Recipient is required to be a child of a member of the Hochheim Prairie Ins.Co.  
- Recipient may attend a community college, university, or vocational/technical school 
Howard Gloor Music Scholarship
March 20
- Music majors PREFERRED 
- Transcript and resume required
Jeff Petru Memorial Scholarship
March 20
- Member of National Honor Society  
- Must have worked at a job a minimum of 15 hours a week as a senior  
- Letter of recommendation from a teacher - Essay, transcript, and resume required
Kaspar Wire Works Scholarship 
March 20
- must have worked at Kaspar Wire Works within the last 2 years  
or parent works for Kaspar Wire Works  
- Transcript and resume required
Knights of Colombus Charlie Janota, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
March 20
- Attach a letter which best substantiates your case for financial need - Father or Grandfather must be involved in KCs - Transcript and resume required
Las Casas Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship Competition
Lavaca County Retired Teachers Assoc. 
March 20
- Preference given to Education Majors  
- Hand written one page essay required - Transcript and resume required
Lavaca County Farm Bureau 
March ?? TBD
- Must be child of a member of Lavaca Co. Farm Bureau  
- Photo, transcript, and resume required
Lavaca County Local Go-Texan Scholarship
- Must reside in Lavaca County
- Must be an FFA or 4-H member
- Rank in upper half of graduating class
- Typed narrative of no more than two pages - DO NOT attach a resume; Transcript required
- rodeohouston.com/scholarships
SouthStar Bank Scholarship -  
March 20

- hand written essay, transcript, and resume required

- cannot be the child of an employee or board member of the bank

Masonic Lodge Scholarship
March 20
- Resume and transcript required
Millard Kuykendall Scholarship
March 20

- Graduating seniors based on academic merit, need, and service

- Resume and transcript required

Navidad Valley Cattle Women's Scholarship
March 8
- Resident of Lavaca, Fayette, or Colorado county
- Essay, transcript, and resume required
New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild Scholarship

- applicants should be planning to pursue a career in art, graphic design, textile design, or home economics

- letter of recommendation from one of the above teachers

- transcript, resume, and counselor signature required

Pilot Club Scholarship
General Scholarship and
Brain-Related Disorders Scholarship
March 20
- Essay, transcript, and resume required  
- see application for list of fields of study that qualify for the "helping those with brain related disorders" scholarship
Raphael's Refuge: Life Scholarship

- essay (DO NOT put your name anywhere on the pages)

- hand in to counselor; your identity will not be revealed when the essay is returned to the organization

Sage Capital Bank Scholarship 
March 20
- Student or immediate family member must be a customer of Sage Capital Bank 
- Transcript and resume required
- Appraisal by High School Counselor 
Shiner American Legion Post #201 Scholarship
March 20
- Resume and transcript required
Shiner Business Men Club Scholarship
March 20
- student's father must be a member
Shiner Lions Club
March 20

- Must attend a Lions Club Meeting

- Transcript and resume required

Shiner Nursing and Rehabilitation Scholarship
- must pursue a degree in health care  
- complete 10 hours of volunteer work at Shiner Nursing Center  
- Essay, transcript, and resume required
Shiner PTO Scholarship
March 20
- 90 GPA  
- Essay, transcript, and resume required
Shiner Rotary Club Scholarship
March 20
 - Must attend a Rotary meeting

- Transcript and resume required

Shiner Young Farmers Scholarship


- 4H or FFA members
- rodeohouston.com/scholarships
SHS Student Council Scholarship
March 20
- Based on accumulation of participation points in the student council throughout high school career
Spoetzl Brewery Charitable Fund Scholarship
March 20
- Resume and transcript required
Shiner Volunteer Firemen's Auxiliary Scholarship
March 20
    - Essay, transcript, and resume required
    - Letter of recommendation
    - son or daughter of Shiner VFD member
Teal Holland Band/Music Scholarship
Students who have participated in band/music throughout high school career
Texas Farm Bureau Youth Scholarship
- Students whose parents are members of the Farm Bureau and are pursuing agriculture degree
Texas Telephone Association
March 27

- special consideration given to students who will be pursuing a college degree in fields of study which are of particular interest to telecommunications (math, business, education, technology, engineering, and computer science)

- letter of acceptance to college/university in Texas

- 3.0 GPA or higher

- FAFSA SAR copy included

Thomas & Merle Siegel Memorial Educational Scholarship
March 20
- Must attend a form of higher education pursuing a profession related to education  
- Must have participated in extra-curricular activities all 4 years of high school  
- Must have attended SHS for at least 2 years  
- Essay Required  
- See counselor for application
Vietnam Veterans of America 
Lone Star Chapter #854
March 27
- Transcript and resume required
Wischer Scholarship

- be a person of good character

- preference given to "applicants who are Christians and attend church regularly"

- demonstrate academic potential and ability

- demonstrate a need for financial assistance

- online application available

The table below contains information on university-specific scholarship opportunities. If your school is not listed, go to the College Info page and follow the links to find out more about scholarships offered at your institution!

University - Specific Scholarships
Texas A&M University
Yoakum A&M Club
  • - official transcript with SAT/ACT scores
  • - ranked in upper fourth of class
  • - letter of acceptance to Texas A&M University
  • - typewritten essay, no more than 2 pages
  • - photo
  • - resume
Philip Bochat Texas A&M University Memorial
March 20
  • - transcript and resume
  • - acceptance letter from Texas A&M by April
  • - essay
Gig'em Aggie
March 20
  • - transcript and resume
  • - acceptance letter from Texas A&M
  • - essay
Dewitt-Lavaca County A&M Mothers' Club Janet Barre Memorial
  • - official transcript with SAT/ACT scores
  • - reside in Dewitt or Lavaca county
  • - letter of acceptance to Texas A&M University
  • - typewritten essay, no more than 2 pages
  • - photo
  • - resume
Texas A&M University scholarships
December 1
  • - complete your Apply Texas app and the necessary essays
  • - click here for more info
University of Texas
Ray Welhausen & Dr. Carol Elliott "Hook'em Horns"
March 20
  • - official transcript and resume
Lavaca County Texas Exes
February 15
  • click here for more info & to apply; search keywords "Lavaca" and "Shiner"
Texas Exes Freshman Scholarships
February 15
  • go here and make sure to read the info on how to apply; search keywords "Lavaca" and "Shiner"
Texas State University
George "Buddy" Minear
March 20
  • - transcript and resume
Career Colleges & Technical Schools
Career Colleges & Schools of Texas
  • if you plan to attend a career or technical school, make sure to check out this link

The scholarships below are offered by a variety of organizations. Browse the list and follow the links for application requirements, due dates, and other information.

Other Scholarships
Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Financial Aid / Scholarship Search Resources 
Shiner ISD does not endorse any of the following websites, but makes them available for your scholarship search.  These websites offer financial aid and scholarship resources for students in all grade levels.  Some also provide valuable information for current college students and their families.
College for Texans
Tx Higher Ed. Coordinating Board
Every Chance Every Texan
College Answer
College Scholarships
College Board
Adventures in Education
Never pay private companies to manage your scholarship search! These companies cannot guarantee you a scholarship, so don't waste your money!!
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