"What truly defines the construction of our new school as one of the single greatest events in Shiner's history is that it stands to benefit not only all of our children, grandchildren, and faculty, but also the future of our wonderful community"
The Shiner ISD Educational Foundation Sponsorships Letter - Feb. 2006

Aerial View - May 2, 2007
Photo courtesy of Scott Baer                                                                                                New School Photo Gallery


Welcome to the Shiner ISD Educational Foundation web page.

In an effort to support the successful completion of the new school, we have created
the Shiner ISD Educational Foundation, which has been established as a Texas Nonprofit
Corporation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of this
foundation is to provide financial assistance to Shiner ISD in the construction of our new school.

We would like to provide all of you with information on how you can personally
contribute to the success of this great project.

Sponsorships Letter
Personalized Paver #1
Personalized Paver #2
Personalized Paver #3
Classroom Sponsorship

Personalized Paver
Personal Donations of any Kind

Through the five types of sponsorships outlined above, we believe we have paved an
avenue for everyone to take part in this wonderful project. The Foundation views these
fundraisers as a long-term financial aide solution, but with all of your help, we can get them
off to a strong start. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your support of this once in a
lifetime project. Thank you in advance for your gift to the current and future Shiner ISD
students, faculty, School Board, Administration, and people of our great community.

For more information about the Shiner ISD Educational Foundation or how to contribute,
please contact Foundation Board President, Marvin Boedeker; Vice President, Andrew
Schacherl; Treasurer, Douglas Kaspar; Secretary, Cynthia Hundl; and/or Foundation Board
members Dr. A. A. Darilek, George Minear, or Trey Lawrence. To express your request in
writing, please mail your letter to:
Shiner ISD Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 1446
Shiner, TX 77984.


CLASSROOM SPONSORSHIP:   (update 09/30/08)
Your Name on a Classroom (NOTE: Up to FIVE Names Per Classroom to Aide in the Furnishing of Each Room)
    A. 34 Standard Classrooms = $5000 each  (18 remaining)
    B. 8 Science/Computer Labs, Building Trades, etc. = $10,000 each   (4 remaining)
    C. 7 Band Hall, Home Economics, Theatre Arts, Administration, etc. = $15,000 each  (4 remaining)

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